Toronto Man Who Swore That He Was, "done with festivals" Spotted At This Season's First Festival

Just yesterday, a Toronto man who goes by the name of Mike, was spotted having a grand 'ol time at this season's first Electric Island. 

Pretty normal as Electric Island is a blast (weather permitted) but what's interesting is that Mike here swore to his rave fam just last September that he was, "done with festivals".

Now Mike has reportedly made this pledge a few times about other things. He claimed he was also done with Fortnite not too long ago but then sent messages to his buddies asking them to, "squad up" just a few days later. 

Luckily we spotted his same friends nearby and asked what their thoughts were on the situation.

"I didn't believe it for a second. Mike is always the first one sharing event posters in our group chat" claimed one friend. "Ya OKAY Mike...hey can I get a sip of that water?" said another. 

We then turned to Mike and asked why he broke his festival pledge at literally the first chance he was given, to which he responded, "dunno, everyone was going".

And when asked if we would be lucky enough to witness him do the running man again at the next Ei, he said, "prob not".

Sure thing Mike.

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