Do you cringe when you see people actually putting their fucking hands up when they are told to, "Put your fucking hands up"?

If you said yes while simultaneously recalling a memory of this happening then YOU are in the right place. 


sub•label is the first rave mu5ic collective to celebrate the past,  critique the present and contemplate the future of electronic dance music culture.
The brand was started in Toronto by @_spata back in 2014 when he glanced inside a generic festival merch booth and thought to himself, "holy fuck these all suck". From there he embarked on simply creating honest, high-quality rave apparel that he would want to wear (and did). 

sub•Label prides itself on providing some of the most authentic, quality rave/festival apparel available (ask anyone who owns some).

So stop your reading, grab your gear, eat your vegetables and join us as we go

u  n  d  e  r  
g    r    o    
u    n



p.s if you've read this far...DM us on Instagram and ask,
"How do you make a tissue dance?" for sumting cool