HOW TO Turn Your Tshirt or Tank into a Crop Top Part 1

Do you own a top but want to turn it into a fly ass crop top for festival szn? OR are you interested in grabbing your first sub•label piece but aren't feeling the original Tee or Tank?

If you said yes, then take a look at Part 1 below of our crop top creation series for some dope festival outfit inspo. 

If you said no then GTFO

Old School Crop

  *model is wearing a Large shirt*

Things You Will Need:

A shirt to cut (duh), a pair of scissors (the sharper and longer the better) and something to measure it with like a ruler or a Subway footlong or some shit (optional).

Step 1: Put on the shirt you plan on cutting. 

Step 2: Take your measuring device and roughly calculate the distance in CM or Inches from the bottom of the shirt to where you would like to cut it.

OR visually guestimate where you would like to cut - use a mirror if it helps.
*be careful not to get mayo on the shirt if you use a sub*

Step 3: Take the shirt off and cut as straight of a line as possible across the shirt.

 Step 4: Take the cut bottom edges in your hands and pull horizontally. This step is optional but it creates a cool grungey look. #cool #grungey


Step 5: Post a pic of your freshly cut top to your IG and tag us for a chance to win a free shirt of your choice *pending availability*

Step 6: Rock that shit at the next festival, club event or nearest Subway restaurant. 

Pro Tips:
• Always cut less and trim if needed as you can never add more of the shirt if you fuck up...
• If you already have an old crop top that is the perfect length, just use that as a cutting guide and skip steps 1-4
• When ordering at Subway, always ask for lettuce last. If given the chance, those Sandwich Artist bastards have been trained to fill your sub with lettuce leaving no room for the better toppings...

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