about us

Do you cringe when people put their hands up when they are told to
"put your fucking hands up"?
if you said yes then keep reading...

sub•label is an electronic dance music collective that strives to honour the past, consume the present and help form the future of edm culture.

The brand was started in Toronto by @_spata back in 2014 when he glanced inside a festival merch booth and thought to himself, "holy fuck these all suck". From there he embarked on simply creating honest, high-quality rave apparel that he would be down to wear. 

sub•label prides itself on providing some of the most authentic, hand printed, quality rave/festival apparel available.
SO why don't you grab some gear and 

F  O  L  L  O  
W  T  H  E   
P U P   


If that wasn't enough, these articles on us say it all:

p.s if you've read this far...DM us on Instagram and ask,
"How do you make a tissue dance?" for sumting cool